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The Scentsy Starter Kit

Our extensive starter kit contains everything you need to start your business. Your initial investment of £84 (+£9 shipping) gives you products & stationary to promote your business and start selling & building your team.

Scentsy run two fragrance seasons. Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter so it’s easy to keep your kit up to date. You can sell for a little extra income, or build a team locally & internationally for an unlimited long term residual income.

Although I am based in Southampton, England my team come from all over the world. We have Consultants in Spain, France, USA, New Zealand & Australia. As your Director & Sponsor I will support you through your whole journey. I offer monthly training calls, monthly team meet ups & an annual training day.

The great thing about Scentsy is that is practically sells itself! As we like to say – if you can smell it, you can sell it!  You do not have to be a sales person to succeed with Scentsy – it is such a simple and successful product that it is an opportunity for everyone. You can do home parties, events, basket parties, market online, approach businesses…the possibilities are endless!

There are great incentives to reach for as a new consultant to earn an extention kit & also for product credit to use as you wish!

For an information pack please get in touch!

Why did I join Scentsy?

I was asked by a school Mum about signing up and I really had no idea what the product was, but I loved the concept of a safer alternative to candles. I agreed to split the starter kit with her and only do the online stuff whilst she did the parties.

Then the starter kit arrived and I loved it. Scentsy had only launched in the UK 6 weeks earlier and I took it upon myself to talk to everyone I knew about it and before long I had parties & events booked!

It was 6 months later that I decided I needed to do this for myself, so I did. I joined in my own right with my friend as my sponsor.

I have been stunned by the experiences and security that Scentsy has provided me with. I have travelled the world, for free, by earning Scentsy Incentive trips just for selling an amazing product and teaching others how to do the same thing I do.  It has also given my family and I financial security.

This is a no pressure opportunity – I can promise you no hard sell just oodles of support to work how you want to work.

There are so many options to work this business – there is a fit for everyone!

Are you ready to join?

Click here to get started! Or contact me for more information – I would love to answer any questions you may have.