Scentsy Warmers & Diffusers now have LIFETIME Manufacturer Guarantees!

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March 2, 2017
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Scentsy Warmers & Diffusers now have LIFETIME Manufacturer Guarantees!


That’s how much confidence Scentsy has in their products.

Since launching in the EU 6 years ago, we have always maintained that we would love to give more than a 3 year guarantee on our warmers.

It is now OFFICIAL that we have passed every piece of red tape thrown at us and we can now proudly tell you all that we now have a LIFETIME Guarantee on our warmers.

This also covers ANY warmer purchased from us, since launching in the EU in April 2011.

Scentsy’s policy is to replace any faulty product with a brand new one. If your warmer model is no longer available (retired or out of stock) you can choose any other current warmer from that price range.

The guarantee covers manufacturer faults such as: Lights not working, heat plate not melting wax, dish leaking, arriving chipped, paint not up to standard etc.

There are of course exclusions, if you dropped your warmer, split your cup of tea over it, tried to give it any kind of update with a screwdriver and extra tech, or misused it in anyway you will of course understand that you may have to throw it in the bin and purchase a new one.

Is your warmer broken?? Get in touch HERE and we can fix that!!!


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