Scentsy Warmers £55

Lampshade Warmers:

In 2016 we launched our range of Lampshade Warmers. These all have an Eddison Bulb that fixes into the warmer base and melt the wax, rather than using the heat plate & LED bulbs in the rest of our warmer collections. The light emitted from these warmers is therefore far greater than the light from our LED warmers. This collection is just super safe, melting the wax well below combustion point – still no soot, no smoke and no boiling wax!

Art Glass Warmers:

Each of our Art Glass warmers are hand made by Glass Artisans. No two warmers are the same! Each design is made from blown glass and the design is hand painted, twisted or etched into place creating a unique look every time.

The Art Glass warmers each light up and rotate gently round 14 soothing colours to create an amazing ambiance, and we haven’t even added any fragrances yet! Click HERE to see how our Art Glass warmers are made.

Make-A-Scene Warmer:

A great concept in “make your own” – the heat plate is located at the very top of the warmer, and that top pops off so you can fill the space inside with whatever you like! The only limit is your imagination! You can purchase our “Make a Scene Decorative Sets” or simple get crafty and create your own!