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June 15, 2016
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Cactus Flower Lime:

What Scentsy says – “Zen beckons like a siren’s song from this crisp, mediative blend of lime mist, water lotus, green tea and delicate aloe leaf”

What our reviewers say –

Ruth H

As a total fan of the cinnamon Christmas smells which I have on all year as I love them I honestly thought it would be impossible to get me to like something else…However, I popped this in my warmer and when I came in from work the house smelt amazing. It’s fresh and not overpowering. It reminded me of spring and summer and it’s a simple clean fragrance. Even my husband liked it. Totally recommend this one in fact it’s going on my next order.

Angie P

Cactus Flower and Lime – this is a very subtle fragrance very fresh and not overpowering very “clean” scent perfect for every day

Rachel C

Very crisp scent 🙂
Great for the kitchen, loved this <3


This is a fresh, zingy and uplifting fragrance – just lovely!

Karen C

Beautiful scent Crisp, clean & Zesty lime

Charlotte T

The lime is subtle so not overpowering if you’re not a citrus fan. Overall it’s a nice strong scent. The sample filled my home easily so i can only imagine how strong a whole cube is. It’s a clean scent that reminds me of laundry. Oh like it.

Becky S

Found this a very subtle fragrance of citrus fruit, if you like citrus smells but don’t like them to powerful in scent, this is a lovely one to try

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