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April 3, 2016
What is Scentsy? How does it work?
April 5, 2016
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Did you know I run a scent of the month club?

Each month I select a bar to share with Scent Of The Month Club subscribers. It’s never the same bar twice and it’s always seasonal!

Why subscribe? Because you never truly know if you’d like a fragrance until you try it!

You might just find a new favourite scent that you wouldn’t have picked for yourself. There are so many hidden gems in our extensive collection of wax bar fragrances you just might be missing something spectacular!

This is how it works:

Each month our SOTM Club Members receive:

1 SOTM Bar for the current month

1 Tester cube for the following months bar

If you aren’t keen on the tester cube, simply message me to change your bar next month to any other bar!

Want MORE than one bar a month? Get in touch to tailor a bespoke package to suit you.

It’s that easy – get your Scentsy fragrance wax bar(s) delivered to your door each and every month,

The Scent Of The Month Club is run exclusively by me, Liz Barnes, Independent Scentsy Director. To subscribe, please get in touch xXx

Here are just a few of the previous Scent Of The Month Bars……

sotm club march 16 GMPF


soth jan 16 spv

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