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June 26, 2016
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What Scentsy Says: “Enticing goji berry, passion flower, pink jasmine and guava sparkle like the moment you realised he’s the one

What our panel of independent reviewers say:

Angie P

I tried Cherished last night and loved it – it’s perfect for the bedroom , a really soft subtle fragrance, quite musky and not overpowering , it’s a lovely romantic scent and very feminine I think

Karen C
Absolutely in LOVE with ‘cherished’, such a beautiful scent, light and reminds me of the lush ‘sakura’ bath bomb; that could just be my bad memory but this is definitely going on my must have list!


A clean, subtle, delicate fragrance. Lovely, but I prefer stronger scents myself. This one reminds me of a Bouny tumble dryer sheet or a fabric conditioner scent – nice!

Charlotte T

Still gorgeous. I have this in my collection. It’s perfumed and floral. Very Spring/summer. It’s a nice feminine fragrance and fills my home nicely.

Becky S

Nice relaxing and romantic scent, floral, but not overpowering with slight hint of fabric conditioner. Definitely a nice evening in scent

Want to see what all the fuss is about? See Cherished HERE!

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