How does Scentsy work as a business?

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What is Scentsy? Do I make the warmers? Is it my business?

All very good questions!

Scentsy is a Direct Selling opportunity. You do run your own business but with none of the expenses of manufacturing, import & product development.kit march 2016

When you join the company you pay a small investment of £85 for a kit worth over £200. It is quite literally a business in a box.


You have in your business starter kit all the product and paperwork you need to introduce the product to people & to learn the business. Then you help others start their own business, by building a team of consultants.

By helping others and teaching them how to learn the business you create long term residual income. As with any business it takes time to set up, and you will come across many hurdles – success comes to those who navigate their way around and over those2015-06-20 14.10.14 bumps in the road and don’t give up.

All the product development is done for you by Scentsy, each year we are presented with new products, new fragrances and fresh training to help us build our business.

We also do not have the worry of reaching industry standards for fragrance or meeting EU regulations as all of that is taken care of. It really is a business you can pick up and run with, all the groundwork has already been done – you get to concentrate on introducing people to the product and helping people start their own business.

The warmers are made in 10 different factories in China, once upon a time it was just the one factory but as we 2016-02-19 20.18.19have expanded we have been able to expand into factories who have artists that specialise in certain skills. One factory, for instance only manufactures the Glass warmers. Another specialises in hand pressing porcelain. All the warmers are hand finished and some are hand made from start to finish. You simply cannot get the same skill and attention to detail as the artists in China!

The way Scentsy works is that we ALL start at the same point. We are all on the bottom rung with a team of 1. That 1 is you! You start as an Escential Consultant- this is the stage you learn about the products, try different ways of selling and start talking to people about the business opportunity and joining your team.

Once you have sold £1000 you promote to Certified Consultant and enjoy a 5% pay rise for every order placed after that!

The next step, now you have mastered how to sell in a way you are comfortable with, is to build a team. With just 1 team member to mentor you can promote to Lead Consultant and then you start to get paid from the sales of your Scentsy Team.

What makes Scentsy a legitimate business is that for the duration of your Consultancy you must remain active in every aspect of your business. By selling £500 per month (that’s just 2 average home parties or 1 good event) you will get paid on your Team.

The more you add to and train your Team the better the financial rewards. You continue to promote as per the Compensation Plan.

compensation plan

You will start to see your pay go from 20% on your personal sales to multilevel earnings on your entire team + your personal sales.

There is no trick to the business, there are no secrets. It really is a case of learning the way you want to work and making it happen. You have to try lots of ways of working to find out what fits for you – all the training and support is there for you, all you have to do is want to make it happen!

You really can make this business work around you and all your other commitments. Work from home and work how you want to!

If you would like to start your own Scentsy business with me as your mentor – message me and we can talk about all the ways you can work this business. If you are ready to join, you can do it right now using this link. The sign up process is done online and you pay for your business kit by credit or debit card.

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