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March 31, 2016
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April 4, 2016
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Whilst browsing our wonderful selection of fragrance products, don’t forget to check out the Clearance section!

There are plenty of bargains to be had in the end of season products, right now there are over 100 products 20% off.

So many wax bars, scent paks, Scentsy warmers & Scentsy buddies to name a few! You are sure to stumble across an old favourite or two.

Some of my recommended products in the sale are:

16387WhiteTeaCactusPWSR2FW2015White Tea & Cactus was £5.50 NOW £4.40

This Scentsy wax bar is amazing.

I’m so sad they discontinued it.

I have stocked up my own personal collection so I am good for a while!

A clean, crisp, and refreshing floral mix with green notes.


DLWBRID2011Bride Warmer was £39 NOW £31.20

Make your vow with a lovely, sculpted corsage of roses in delicate, dappled ivory with hints of pale green.

Each flower is handmade by skilled potters and the soft white wash effect really sets this warmer apart.







Click HERE to browse the clearance section! You can purchase online directly (£9 shipping fee) or CONTACT ME with your order for a personalised shipping quote.

Happy browsing!!!!


Liz x


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