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June 7, 2016
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When it all goes wrong –

You keep going til it goes right…….

I made the pilgrimage from Southampton to attend the 3 day event at Ardingly Showground, It was the first time I have been to the event and we were hoping to be chock full all weekend and introduce a gazillion people to our wonderful Scentsy warmers and of course the bountiful array of Scentsy fragrance wax bars.

Day 1: Well I say! It's Pimms o'clock!

Day 1: Well I say! It’s Pimms o’clock!

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Day 2: Big Fun on the Big Wheel!

When you plan for an event you tend to bring everything but the kitchen sink – you never know what you will sell, how much of it and what set up will be on the day. Do I take a table and some shelving, a grid wall or two? Banners? Table cloths? So, of course….we took the lot!

The radio broadcast on the first morning of the show said they expected to sell 10,000 cups of tea. As I sipped my morning brew I pondered “Just 9,999 more to go!” The mornings of large events are always slow, as people filter in and through the show ground, stopping to take in the activities taking place in the Show Ring. However……we waited and waited and the guests merely trickled through.

That’s ok though, still 2 days to go. Day 2. It is now Friday and once again the foot flow was slow. What do you do when things arent going to plan? You change it up, you talk to people and you try new things.

We went on a wander and chatted to a few stall holders, for most in our Market Place set up it was their first time at this show too, so we were all on a learning curve. There was an awesome bespoke trailer pitch, these guys made and fitted trailers however you wanted them. The only limit was your imagination – and what really caught my eye was that you could set up a mini house in the back. Toilet, shower, 2 beds, cooker, tv, fridge – they were amazing! Any how, the chap on the pitch for the trailers had done this show for the last 32 years. Let me just repeat that point. 32 YEARS!!!! He told us this was the big show – THE Show to be at…all year. This was the poorest attendance he’d seen in all that time.

I was half heart broken and half utterly relieved! It wasn’t us, it certainly wasn’t the product, “Saturday is the best day” we’d been hearing that all week. Driven mad with lack 2016-06-11 16.11.30of interaction for 2 full 2016-06-09 11.25.14days, we had dissolved into antics and fits of giggles.

Hoorah for Saturday! Mentally drained and exhausted from travelling, setting up & long, lonely days on our feet – something was different. It was a gloriously sunny day and the general public were out in force. Oh how I LOVE the general public! From the get go – the day was different. People came, they chatted to us, we joked, they left. Then more came, they chatted, they looked, they smelled (the fragrances), they loved Scentsy and the safety of the system, they loved our hand finished warmers and my goodness – they loved the fragrance. We talk, we joked, we had a fabulous day.
Yes we sold TONS of Scentsy, but the highlight for me? Chatting to a lady who drove into our stand with the mobility scooter – she was already a Scentsy fan… we often do we chatted and got onto the subject of heritage. “I’m part Canadian…” said the lady. “Of course I’ve only just found out….” As it transpires this wonderful lady had just discovered the name of her biological father, from going through her late mothers possessions. “I’d never have searched for him before – out of respect for my mother you see”. A quick search on the internet, a chance message through Facebook and she had a lead. The man on the end of the message gave her the contact details of her father in Canada. In less than a week she had been reunited with her father & found 4 siblings!! We introduced the lady to Facebook video chat and she promised to let us know how she got on with it. “Just press the camera button and you’ll be able to see them all and talk to them! It’ll be like they are in the same room!” It was a revelation.

I love this job – I mean I REALLY love it. Where else would I meet so many people, and find so many stories. Some days are hard, and you question what you are doing and why you are doing it, then just as you are about to concede, something amazing happens!


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